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Growing up in the art industry and then later officially working in it, I saw how difficult it was to wrap someone's mind around. Some people don't understand art at all without the most remote knowledge of the fundamentals. While others wanted to be surrounded by it without the education or credentials. Art was meant to be accessible. Not necessarily to all but to those who have a desire for the assiduity in the evocative.

I've met so many who look at a simple image yet spew some complex elucidation. Then there is the antithesis who doesn't know why they like a work but they they simply appreciate the piece anyway. Props to both.

Once the lockdown started, galleries abruptly grew stagnant and people found themselves sharing more than ever. Safe behind a screen was the only way we could experience the transportation that brick and mortar could once grant. 

I started this online ensemble of œuvres with love and the intention to reach those despondent and aspirational. I hope you find what you're yearning for.


Gia Garcia-Dixon